This woman always intrigued me as I studied her from scriptures. She was a woman amongst women. Who was Jezebel? She was the Queen of Israel by her marriage to…

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I grew up hearing about her and how many women shouldn’t end up as she did. The story of Vashti is found in the book of Esther written by Ezra.…

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PARABLE – Parabole

God in his wisdom all through scriptures spoke a lot through parables. When Jesus comes to the earth, in his teaching ministry he used parables a whole lot in communicating…

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The word theology is derived from the Greek word “theologia” which comes from two words “Theo” and “logia” Theo meaning God Logia - speech or utterance, Explanation Logia comes from…

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Introduction to Apologetics

Introduction to Apologetics

Theme Scripture: 1 Pet. 3:15 Why theology? To give an answer – Apologia   A verbal defense of why you believe what you believe. To this intent, the believer must…

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Eschatology – The Study of The End Time

Eschatology – The Study of The End Time

Eschatology - The Study of The End Time This is one of the most important theological studies in the scriptures. The scriptures are loud when it concerns times and dispensations.…

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