Concerning asking and receiving

Concerning asking and receiving

After you have asked according to the word and believed you received. After you have done all there is to do based on the word you just have to be patient. There is a patience the faith of God brings. A restful patience. Abraham had to wait 25 years for Isaac. David had to wait 13 years to seat on the throne. Patient waiting is part and parcel of the faith walk. Now certain things happen while waiting. Satan will move through the circumstances and situation to get you in offense. Nothing short circuits God’s power like offense. While waiting the enemy will begin to show you people close to you who have more than you need and are asking for. You will  now be asking your self “why doesn’t uncle so and so give me a job shebi he has a company? ”

“Why doesn’t my friend lend me money when he is rich shebi he knows I want to pay rent? ”

“why doesn’t daddy give me a car shebi he has 3?”

Then you get offended at people who have what you want and are believing for. Then that offense grows to resentment and you begin to want your answers to come so you can “show them”.

Don’t allow that one bit!

Many times God’s hand will move in places you will never expect it to move in to show you that it can only be God! Never claim to be trusting in God and yet looking at men. You cannot do both at the same time. Don’t get offended also at those who waited for the same thing as you and got it before you! For example, you believe for a child with your friend and after three years your friend has delivered and you still haven’t.

Don’t get offended.

Stay grounded!

No matter what goes on around you stand in faith despite contradictory report. Keep agreeing with God with your heart and especially your lips. When the cloud be full of rain they empty themselves upon the earth!

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