Don’t waste time crying when a relationship ends.

Don’t waste time crying when a relationship ends.

Many times you actually don’t have foresight to know why it had to end. So you cry and say you have a “heart break”. I have been there long time ago and when I think about it I laugh hard because the tears where childish. Let me tell you something marriage is not a pot of beans. You can’t go into it with someone who isn’t persuaded that you are the one for them. Don’t beg anyone to marry you o. The person must be as willing as you to be married to you. During the courtship it must be clear that both of you want to be together. If one person isn’t sure please let that fellow go!

In marriage, you will face realities.

Challenges abound.

It will be better for you to be in that marriage with someone who is totally committed to you. You need that safety and security for good marital health. So sister stop trying to make that man marry you if he isn’t fully persuaded. Let him go. Brother stop killing yourself to impress your fiancee. You are laboring unnecessarily. Always leave the door open till marriage. Let it be that your love and commitment to each other is what keeps you from exiting rather than sentiments.



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