Oikia Leadership Academy is a training program of the ministry. It is designed to bring people from being spiritual babies to mature sons of God. In keeping with the ministry gifts as stated in Ephesians 4:11-12, our leadership program is structured in such a way as to train, equip and send believers to fulfill their God given ministry. It is divided into five levels i.e 100 level to 500 level.

The Five Levels of Oikia Leadership Academy

  1. Membership (100 level)
  2. Maturity (200 level)
  3. Ministry (300 level)
  4. Evangelism and Missions (400 level)
  5. Worship (500 level)

The five levels of our leadership training program are structured around the five purposes of the church which are Worship, Ministry, Discipleship, Evangelism and Maturity.

Each level has about ten (10) courses in it. A member of Oikia Christian Centre must have at least completed the membership class and taken the membership pledge. All the five levels can be completed in one calendar year and certificates are issued to our members who have satisfied the necessary requirement for participating in our training program.