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Memory verse: John 4:24 “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”

Worship is a beautiful thing. When you worship, the supernatural occurs, the power of God is manifested and the revelation of God we have becomes clearer, more precise and more exact. Jesus Christ in John 4 clarifies for us the New Testament definition of worship, He answered the question of how and where to worship.

Before we go any further, let us define what worship is. The word “worship” is taken from the Greek “proskuneo” which means to make obeisance, to do reverence to. In the Old Testament, we see a progression in the place they worshiped. With Abraham, he worshiped at the altar he erected; same goes for all the patriarchs. Moses however built a tabernacle by the instruction of God. David also built another type of tabernacle but Solomon built God a house, a temple.

So in the Old Testament, worship was at a physical location. They did obeisance to God either in or before a physical structure. How did they worship? They worshiped God in the flesh using natural expressions, fleshly gyrations that had nothing to do with the spirit. In the New Testament however, there is a change in that we don’t worship God in or before a physical structure, we worship God in the spirit. The spirit is the new location of worship. So if any man is not in the spirit, he cannot worship God. It doesn’t matter if he sings songs of worship or sing songs of adulation, he is not worshiping God. To worship God, a man must first and foremost be in the spirit to be able to worship God.

CONFESSION: I am the temple of the living God; I worship God in spirit and in truth. My body is a living temple; God is worshiped and hallowed in this body.

Further Bible Reading: Isaiah 60, Ephesians 1

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