January 21, 2016


Memory Verse: Acts 10:3 “He saw in a vision evidently about the night hour of the day an angel of God coming in to him, and saying unto him, Cornelius”

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s teaching on discerning of spirits. We will continue today by looking at three types of visions. First, what is a vision? A vision is a divinely granted appearance given by the Holy Spirit. It is an operation of the gift of discerning of spirits. We must separate between visions and hallucinations. While a vision is by the agency of the Holy Spirit, hallucination is either by the presence of an evil spirit or a neurological pathological condition because there are other sources of visions asides the Holy Spirit. Now to the three types of visions that there are;

We have 1. Inner vision          2. Open vision             3. Trance

  1. The inner vision is the most common type of vision believers experience but it is also if I may say the least kind because in this kind of vision, your natural senses are not suspended, the vision is occurring inside you, so you are seeing with the eyes of your heart (inner man) 2 Kings 5:26 “And he said unto him, went not mine heart with thee, when the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee? Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants?” and it usually occurs during spiritually stimulating exercises like fasting, praying in tongues, meditating on scriptures. You will just notice that an image or picture will form within your spirit or an occurrence played like a movie would flash across your consciousness. In the case of the scripture above, Elisha says “went not my heart with thee”, he was explaining the gift of discerning of spirits operating in a word of knowledge expressed in a vision
  2. Open vision: an open vision is different from an inner vision in that in this type, what is been revealed is shown to you like a screen placed in front of you, you’re seeing it in front of you. It seems as though what is shown to you is placed in front of you. At times, it looks as though the vision is projected in front of you. Let me explain: when a man has an open vision of an angel like in Acts 10, he will see the angel in relation to his own physical surrounding so his natural senses are not suspended, he is aware of where he is but still sees into the spirit realm
  3. Trance: This is the highest kind of the three in that the natural senses are suspended. We see an example of this in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4 and Acts 10:11-15. What happens in a trance is basically that the consciousness of your physical surrounding disappears and you are fully conscious of the realm of the spirit. In this type of vision, if a man sees an angel for example, he will see the angel in relation to the realm of the spirit and not the physical. It is God’s desire that all believers begin to walk in this wonderful gift. Remember that the moment you received the Holy Spirit into your life, all the nine gifts are resident in you. If you have the Spirit, you have the gifts.

CONFESSION: I give myself to discerning of spirits, I declare that I am yielded to the operation of this gift in my life. Amen

Further Bible Reading: Revelations 1, Psalm 130


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  1. Johnson Oluwaseyi

    What about prophecy and dreams , can you express it in details as well

  2. Diane G

    Great information. Thank you. I fit in Open visions. Its just like you described and I can turn it off and on, when Im in the flesh talking, cooking or doing a task I dont see anything. And I dont always understand what I see because it’s beyond our dimension. It reminds me of the description in Ezekiel 1 15-21 hard to picture or describe. Although sometimes when Im sitting quietly watching a video I will see a quick flash of a bright light, like a bright star for just a second or Ill see spirits moving around in my view. There is No fear or confusion only peace not sure what it is? I can sense if there is an evil spirit around then I just command it to leave, then ignore it and put my Trust in Jesus. I am in the deliverance ministry and I can see spirits leave people somethings. Thank you Again, God bless

    1. oikiacc

      You are welcome

    2. Kavita

      Help me !! Need help in finding my vision type.

      1. oikiacc

        We can walk in all the gifts of the Spirit.

  3. Anger phiri

    Thanks so much for helping me to this

    1. oikiacc

      You are welcome

  4. t s oduro

    hi I had this open vision and I need help with the meaning
    I was sleeping in the afternoon between 2 and 3 o’clock in my sleep I dreamt about my wife saying to me wake up you can sleep and even hit me on my shoulders just to wake up
    low and be hold I did woke up from my dream and I even thought it was my wife who literally woke me up I turn my self check where the doors that lead to our bedroom and kitchen was open so I thought it was dear wife who purposely woked me up
    bear in mind it was summer and I live in the UK
    and I was in the the living room when this happened all windows and doors where locked before I had my nap
    any way let me go straight to the story so as l turn to checked when both the kitchen door and bedroom door was open I turn back to my normal position and there I saw I black bird like a sparrow but I have never seen such a black colour on this earth very dark and shiny aswell so I thought I was day dreaming I was not afraid but surprised how this bird got here I kept looking at it and it looks back at me then it flew towards me and disappeared as I was about to hit it or punch it in a reflect action just as it flew towards me
    got up checked my windows doors everything was shut up till now I dont understand what happened and everyone I share this with thinks am lying or hallucinating but I saw this for real


      Meant that after a great struggle you succeeded.After power of darkness realized your are awake in spirit they disappeared,there is a seed deposited in you to flee the power of darkness.Follow Jesus and miracles shall follow you.

    2. oikiacc

      There are other sources of visions asides from the Holy Spirit, so you need to be very sensitive to your spirit. Ensure you always spend time praying in tongues daily. You also have the ability by the HolySpirit to interpret your vision.

  5. Cindy Balch

    Thank you! I was googling visions because I think I’m becoming aware that I’m having the inner visions and have probably had them without knowing before because I thought I was just having a very vivid daydream. I believed until recently that one had to at least see something with the physical eyes to experience a vision.
    I was running into a lot of confusing information before I found this post. Thanks again. I’m just a tiny bit excited. I know this is for every spirit filled believer to experience, I’m just inspired to focus more and more on Him now. He’s wonderful!!!

    1. oikiacc

      Glory to God. Your eyes will see more and your ears will hear better.

  6. Pastor Paul Ugwaja Okigwe Imo state

    Your Comment Here…l am blessed personally and in my ministry More Grace sir

    1. oikiacc

      Glory to God. Thank you sir

  7. Lotah

    I’m not sure if I’ve every heard anyone preach that open visions are for everyone. Something to think about.

    1. oikiacc

      All the gift of the Holy Spirit is for all. So glad you know now, desire as many as you want and I pray you begin to walk in them

  8. Lillie Brooks

    I have open visions God is showing me things down the road like years ahead and I’m trying to get a understanding

    1. oikiacc

      Understanding is yours. Don’t be anxious, just as you have seen once, you would see again and your eyes and ears will be open.

  9. Sheenah

    Hello Mummy just called me in expectedly, she asked me whether I pray , I said rarely , but I do. Then she said that, she had a vision of me begging Jesus to give me a second chance and that I was in hell as I did that. It is so bothering, I am stressed.i am over thinking. I honestly need help to understand this kind of vision. Thank you.

    1. Moby

      I believe God is telling you to repent and give your life over to Him before it is too late. He loves you

    2. oikiacc

      Do not overthink this . The word says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. If you believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of God, you have received the gift of eternal life.

      This is the confidence we have in Him.

  10. Elma Perdue

    Dear Sir, is Ezekiel having an open vision, or is he in a trance in Ezekiel 37:1-14?
    Thank you in advance for responding.


    1. oikiacc

      In Trance the natural senses are suspended and the person becomes fully conscious of the realm of the spirit. Whereas Open vision would be as though a screen is played for you. We can say Ezekiel was in a trance.

      “The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley..”, suggests he was very conscious of the realm of the spirit.

  11. Chinaka Chijioke C.

    I’m blessed this morning. Thank you Sir

    1. oikiacc

      You are welcome

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