This woman always intrigued me as I studied her from scriptures.

She was a woman amongst women.

Who was Jezebel?

She was the Queen of Israel by her marriage to Ahab.

She herself was a princess. So she was of royal blood.

Solomon started the act of marrying from outside Israel so as to build coalitions between strong Nations. The marriage was an alliance, a peace treaty. The peace in the reign of Solomon was due to his diplomacy and strategic alliances.

Ahab continued this tradition.

Who was Jezebel?

She was a dominant character. She understood the dynamics of power. She knew how to play politics and the intrigues of the palace. I dare say that a very wise intelligent mentor trained Jezebel.

Jezebel was so feared that when she threatened Elijah, the prophet of God ran away scared and very depressed! This is Elijah! The man who called fire from heaven running because a woman promised to kill him! The prophet took her every seriously!

Jezebel promoted the worship of idols. She actually brought in prophets of Baal and Ashtoreth into Israel and built temples for them. These guys now went on to begin to spread their practices around Israel. The Jews were swayed because the religion these guys practiced had a lot of licentiousness in it. They could eat anything they liked, there was free sex at the temples basically every single thing commanded in the Mosaic Law not to be done was done in the temple of Baal!

Jezebel also led serious persecution of the prophets of God who preached against idolatry so much that prophets were hiding in caves. This woman was powerful not just naturally but spiritually. She knew the spiritual realm. She knew how to conjure spirits. The Bible called her a witch.

Jezebel has her husband under her thumb. The truth was that she was the king and she was ruling through Ahab. Ahab was her student and he relied on her counsel for everything.

Who is Jezebel today?

Jezebel is not a gender.

Jezebel is a spirit. An operation found in men or women that seduces people away from the word of God. An operation that persecutes those preaching the truth for the very reason that it is true.

Jezebel is charming hence can seduce. Jezebel looks harmless and very pretty or handsome but Jezebel is wiser and smarter than you. She or he has seen you coming and knows where they want to place you. They will let you seat on a throne even though they have the keys to it. They know how to get what they want from you without you even knowing it. The ultimate goal is to get you in a place where you are in direct opposition to God’s word and his plan for your life and the souls of men on the earth.

Jezebel is spiritual and works with demonic spirits. So she is often irresistible but precise in destruction. Jezebel will promise to give you all you want without showing you what she is taking from you.

To an Ahab, it is hard to spot who Jezebel really is because he is in love with her. Ahab thinks Jezebel is on his side and that she loves him. It takes a prophetic vision to rightly position Jezebel and deal with her. In the end, Elijah himself didn’t solve the problem of Jezebel. This was handled by his successor who ensured that Jehu was made king.

Beware of Jezebel for she comes in seduction and you will never ever see her coming without God’s help until she has you!

Remember Jezebel is not a gender. Jezebel is a spirit!

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