January 7, 2016


Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 12:1 “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren I would not have you ignorant”

Yesterday, we began to look at the subject on the Spirit realm and we said that the believer must demonstrate the things that are of the spirit. The bible boldly declares that there are diversities of gifts but the same spirit. This shows us clearly that where the Spirit is, the demonstration of the gifts is tied to the working of one Spirit. It is important for us to begin to see that we are not to chase the gifts but to primarily understand that in the Spirit of God are all the nine abilities of the Spirit.

Remember that yesterday we said that spirituals is from the Greek word “pneumatikos” which means things that be and pertain to the realm of the Spirit, we also said that this refers to God The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, the spirit of man Born Again, Angels, Demons etc. While it is important to understand that in the Holy Ghost are all the gifts of the Spirit, we must also understand the capacity and capability of the spirit of the man that has been born again. The moment we understand who the born again is, what he has been given and what he can do because of what he has been given, the easier it will be for us to flow in the things of the Spirit.

What do I mean by this? Well, there is a big difference between seeing the influence of the Spirit in your life as an internal operation as against an external operation. The first is a consciousness of the indwelling of the Spirit while the other is a consciousness that God still visits. A believer who knows that he is one with the Spirit of God, who knows that the Spirit is his life, light and love will flow in the things of the Spirit easily and more readily than a believer who sees himself as an entity separate from the Holy Ghost.

So the knowledge important and necessary for demonstrating the things of the spirit is one of identity. An identity entrenched in the knowledge that you are one with the Holy Ghost and born with the Holy Ghost.

There are three categories into which the gifts of the Spirit can be divided:

  1. Revelation Gifts
  2. Power gifts
  3. Utterance gifts

We will begin to look at these three categories in the coming days.

CONFESSION: I am conscious of the indwelling of the Spirit in my life, the Spirit of God is my life and living, the Spirit of God is my nature, my source and my strength. I accomplish great thing in and by the Spirit everyday of my life. Amen

Further Bible Reading: Psalm 110, Joel 2

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