APRIL 26, 2016


Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 12:8 “For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit”

The gift of the word of wisdom is the gift that reveals a fraction of God’s wisdom concerning the future. It is a prediction concerning events, places and people. Many times the word of wisdom is called a prophecy but we have earlier defined the purpose of the simple gift of prophecy. Now, the word of wisdom is usually in operation more frequently in the lives of those with the prophetic ministry. However, this is not to say that believers who are not called to be prophets cannot function in this gift. There are many examples of the operation of the word of wisdom both in the Old and New Testament. For example, Daniel 5:25-31, 1 Kings 17:1 in the above examples, we see the word of wisdom at play. Both men were able to tell accurately events that had not yet occurred. This is the benefit of this gift; we are helped by the Spirit of God to be able to see into future events so as to prepare for them. By word of wisdom, Agabus the prophet in the New Testament was able to foresee the famine and as such warned the church so they could prepare adequately for it; he was also able to warn Paul of his impending imprisonment in Jerusalem. So the word of wisdom is given to the believer to profit, it’s given for our advantage and we have to begin to take advantage of this beautiful ability given to us in Christ.

Now there are two types of word of wisdom:

  1. Conditional Word of Wisdom
  2. Unconditional Word of Wisdom

A conditional word of wisdom is a prediction of the future that can be changed. It means that the proclamation or declaration is not cast in stone. In 2 Kings 20:1-4, we have a word of wisdom that was given to Hezekiah that was changed by prayer. Most word of wisdom are in this category. Through intercession and supplication, a conditional word of wisdom can be changed.

The second category which is the Unconditional word of wisdom is the type that cannot be changed by prayer. For example, no matter how much you pray against the Rapture, you can’t stop it. They include events which will happen no matter what e.g the second coming of Christ, the millennial reign, the defeat of the Anti-christ and the devil, etc

CONFESSION: I function in the word of wisdom, I know by the Spirit what will occur in the future; I am given to the things of the Spirit and I prosper in it

Further Bible reading: 1 Kings 20, James 5

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